Do not get too fierce in the autumn and winter

Do not get too fierce in the autumn and winter

When you wake up from sleep, get up, eat, exercise, and start your day, you may unknowingly make mistakes, and some mistakes may trigger cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events for patients with hypertension.

  People who get up too hard have low blood pressure during sleep. When they just wake up, blood pressure will rise rapidly, especially some hypertensive patients with morning peaks. Getting up too fast and too fast may cause a sudden rise in blood pressure and cause brain damage.Serious diseases such as rupture of blood vessels.

There are also some patients with hypertension who have vascular dyskinesia due to arteriosclerosis and other reasons. If the position moves too fast, orthostatic hypotension is likely to occur, insufficient cerebral blood supply occurs, and dizziness or syncope occurs.

It is recommended to get up and adhere to the “221” principle, that is, just when you wake up, open your eyes and lie on the bed for 2 minutes, get up and sit for 2 minutes, sit at the bed and wait for 1 minute before you get up and move.

  If you do n’t like to drink water in the morning, the blood is thick and prone to blood clots.

After getting up, you should drink a large cup of warm water as soon as possible, this can quickly replace the thick blood.

Water can be absorbed through the stomach and intervention in 10 minutes and enter the blood circulation, reducing the incidence of stroke and myocardial infarction.

  Solution is too hard clinically, some patients do suffer from cerebral hemorrhage due to solution stool.

In the early morning, blood pressure is already high. If you defecate strongly, abdominal pressure will increase, and blood pressure will rise again. If the patient’s arterioles in the body harden, the arterial arteries may rupture and bleed.

When you have dry stools and poor bowel movements, do not use excessive force or hold your breath, or hold your breath while exerting too much force. You should eat a small amount of crude fiber vegetables, bananas, etc. in life. If you ca n’t, go to the doctor and use medicines for constipation.

  Breakfast is too oily and salty churros, fried eggs and other high-fat and high-metabolism foods. Hypertensive patients have hyperlipidemia, and eating too oily and salty hypertension atherosclerosis worsens.

For breakfast, you can have a glass of milk or a bowl of porridge, eat boiled eggs the next day, and add some fruits and vegetables.

  The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in morning exercise autumn and winter is gradually increasing.

Some people go out for morning exercises at four or five o’clock. At this time, people are susceptible to the irritation of cold, which gradually increases the already high blood pressure in the morning, which increases the possibility of cerebrovascular accidents.

It is recommended that you arrange your exercise time around 4 pm.

Aerobics, Tai Chi, and brisk walking are all good exercises.

Cardio-cerebral vascular events may also be induced by blind excessive exercise.