The best sport: jogging

The best sport: jogging

Why are so many people who like to jog?

Because jogging is good for your physical health, you can keep your body in top shape at all times.

  Absolutely, European and American countries are pushing hard to promote running, and this trend is slowly blowing to the domestic market. More and more people are engaged in jogging and fitness.

Jogging is a distinction between men and women, young and old, rich and poor, and even the venue. As long as you like joggers, you can enjoy the fun of jogging. It can be said that it is the most common and least expensive exercise in the world.

  The benefits of jogging Jogging is good for your health. What are the benefits?

  ● Enhance muscle and muscle endurance: Regular uninterrupted jogging can enhance reinforcement and muscular endurance, while motivation and muscular endurance are our usual ability to maintain work and respond to emergency response. Jogging is one of the best choices.

  ● Improve heart and lung function: Persistent jogging will increase the blood output of the heart contraction, reduce the rate of quiet heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase the plasma content of high-density lipoprotein in the blood, and improve the working ability of the body.

  ● Metabolic detoxification: Regular exercise can speed up the metabolism of the body and delay the aging of the body function, so that the body’s toxins and other residual substances can be excreted by sweat and urine.

  ● Relieve psychological pressure: In a highly competitive environment, if you do not eliminate tension, mental and psychological pressure, you will always be disadvantaged.

Moderate jogging will reduce the psychological burden and maintain good tension.

  ● Improve the quality of life: Health is the foundation of everything. The first condition for improving the quality of life is to have a healthy body, and regular jogging activities are the only way to promote good health.

  Jogging should be aware of the following points: ● Understand your physical condition: high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and other diseases should reduce manual jogging.

If the body is uncomfortable during running, stop running immediately. If the body is still uncomfortable after rest, you should go to the hospital for further treatment.

  ● Step by step: Just start jogging depends on your physical condition. Slowly increase the distance from a thousand meters. Don’t eat more than your own physical limit. Otherwise, you will have nothing to the body, but it will hurt you.

In addition, during the jogging process, it is necessary to adjust the breathing and rest moderately. The adjustment of the breathing is of great help to the physical strength, and can increase your cardiopulmonary function.

The proper rest can adjust the physical strength, relax the mood, and do not seek fast, so as not to be fast.

  ● Warm-up is enough: the purpose of warm-up is to avoid sports injuries. Since you are jogging for health, if you ignore the warm-up beforehand and cause sports injuries, then lose the meaning of jogging.

Moderate warm-up can help the muscles contract, let the joints move, and keep yourself in the ready state.

Outside the warm-up is to prevent sports injuries and protect our body.

  ● Choosing the right venue: Jogging is the most convenient sport. It doesn’t require a golf club. It can also be used alone, and there are no restrictions on other sports. But this does not mean that you can consider jogging anywhere.

It is best to jog in a spacious and accessible place, such as a school guide or a sports field, which is an ideal location.

Of course, we will also see athletes jogging on the road, but for safety reasons, it is best to jog in a convenient place.

  ● Equipment must be complete: the right equipment can achieve the protection.

First of all, choose a clothing that absorbs sweat and breathes well. The well-ventilated clothes can help us to quickly discharge the heat.

In fact, it is a sports shoe specially designed for jogging, which will completely protect your feet. It will also help you absorb the vibration generated during running, avoiding the force staying on your body and prolonging the running time.

In addition to clothing and sports shoes, if you have had sports injuries before, protective gear is also indispensable, such as knee pads, prisoners, escorts, etc.

It achieves the ability to protect and reduce damage and reduce pain.

  Conclusion The above has explained the various benefits of jogging. As the saying goes, “If people drink water, they will know themselves.”

How to prove these benefits must be done by yourself.

Jogging is not a short-term exercise. It must be accumulated over time to achieve the effect of exercise. If it is only five minutes of heat or overlapping attitudes, it will not be able to appreciate the benefits of jogging.

Only by persisting in perseverance can we gather the sand into a tower and build up our arms to become effective.