“Couple’s World” breaks the watch, 53-year-old Kim loves performance philosophy
Speaking of South Korea’s leader Kim Ai, you might think of Kim Hee Sun, the originator of Korean boom?It may also be “kind gold” Li Yingai?The former is only a word difference in the name, and the other is quite similar in appearance and temperament.But in fact, Jin was born in 1967, and the second year of high school was the favorite of Kim, and when Jin Xishan and Li Yingai were still unknown, they were already very popular in South Korea.Propaganda photo of “The World of Couples” Recently, the temperament goddess who talked to Liu Yaren in the TV series “Confidentiality” six years ago forbids the love of brothers and sisters, and used the “19 prohibition” scientist drama “The World of Couples” to become the focus of the people againfocus.The 53-year-old Kim loves, not only the body and skin condition in the lens is excellent, but the acting is full of true and delicate that can only be nourished through a rich life experience.The show was the receipt official on May 16th, but she has become the best actress in the TV category nominated for this role at the 56th Korea Best Art Awards.Even so, she was also nominated for the best actress award in the movie category for the movie “Yi Yunxi” released last year.Although he has performed two thirds of his life to this day, Jin Ai is still obsessed with the real life full of fireworks, “Can you only play a good drama by reading a script?””It’s her acting philosophy.Although touching the “problem role” of ethical taboos always makes her in flames, Jin loves self-discipline in real life is extremely strong, and what she is after is only a small luck of “a glass of red wine after dinner”.The TV series “The World of Couples” premiered on JTBC on March 27. Except for 6-8 episodes, it was banned from the rating 19 due to the inclusion of restricted-level lenses. The interpretation of the theater is “to pursue the credibility of the actual plot.”.However, even if the rating is unfavorable, it has achieved a gradual increase in ratings. When the 10th episode was broadcast, it easily surpassed the highest JTBC history set by “Sky City” last year, and the highest historical ratings in cable TV series (twenty three.8%).And the finale broadcast on May 16th, the national benchmark ratings even exceeded 28.4%, Seoul’s benchmark ratings reached 31.7% (Nielsen Korea data), once again refreshed the highest ratings of Korean cable TV stations in previous years.The highest ratings of “The Ghost” of the Air Force Fire are only 20.5%, “Please answer 1988” highest viewing income 18.8%, “Itay Garden Class” is 16.5%.The stills of “Couple’s World” are on the hot search list, and “Couple’s World” also shows an overwhelming presence.In the list of topic index released by the authoritative statistical agency of South Korea, including all public TV stations and cable TV stations, “The World of Couples” has replaced the top of the list for 7 consecutive weeks. Even so, it is also continuous in the TV program category.Reached the summit in 7 weeks.In the Korean TV drama actor’s hot search list, Kim Ai has also been ranked first from the first episode so far, and even the second and third are also occupied by actors actor Han Suxi and Park Haijun, the former playing “third party” in the play””, The attachment plays Jin’s favorite “husband”.In Jin Ai’s eyes, the profession of “actor” is the reason for her existence. She hopes that she can continue to perform, but she also admitted that she never regarded this job as her lifelong career: “From a very young age,I felt that I might stop at any time, just as women in the workplace resigned in order to get married and have children. Every role I decided to play may become my last role, but fortunately, there are always works that have moved me to find me.”Interestingly, this mentality has also led to the performance of Kim’s favorite.In fact, when I encountered difficulties in the performance and lost my confidence, I thought, “This is the last time!”Give it a go, even if it is no longer acting, there is no regret”, can make Jin Ai overcome difficulties and stand in front of the camera again.But if you ask her “will you live again, will you be an actor?””She will tell you coolly,” If I live again, why do I still want to be an actor, I want to live a different life. “”Problem Role”-Performance is like peeling an onion. Humans have more than one side. The Korean drama “The World of Couples” is based on the BBC British drama “Doctor Foster”. Chi Shanyu, played by Jin Aiqi, lost his parents at the age of 17 and worked hard in the cruel world.Growing up, she finally had a seemingly perfect life, but her husband ‘s sudden betrayal completely shattered her peaceful life. She instinctively guarded her own world and reopened the battle mode again after a long absence . Once a gentle wife, kindThe mother was uncharacteristically calm while pretending to be uneasy and angry. Kim loved the delicate and precise performances, and even the hair she usually obeyed seemed to have acting skills, and he was flying chaotically to speak for the mad master.Commenting on the heroine of the heroine Gemma, Suran Jones, in the “Dr. Foster”, Kim loves not only inferior in aura, but also interprets its unique oriental charm.After the show was aired, the BBC highly praised Kim ‘s favorite acting skills, praising “she used a remarkable acting skill to interpret a female character whose own world is all lies, and she is indifferent and warm.Found a perfect balance.”The bridge in” The World of Couples “revealing the fact that her husband was derailed on the spot is the most classic scene in many famous scenes of the play.When I first saw the script of “The World of Couples”, Jin Ai was aware of the “sigh of urgency”, and she said bluntly: “This is a very challenging but fulfilling character. Such a character has been in life.It’s hard to meet again.However, as an outstanding leader, what Jin Ai believes is the “sense of achievement” not only from the audience’s recognition of her acting skills, but also the social value conveyed by her works.In “The Secret Society” trying to interpret “love”, Kim Ai loved to speak for a middle-aged woman suffering from emotions. Although she performed a derailed wife, it was difficult for the audience not to fall in love with her;The female emotion of “Yi Yunxi” also makes more people willing to understand and listen to the hearts of lesbians.”Humans have more than one face, just like peeling onions. I want to show my endless humanity through my performances.”Jin Ai once explained his creative intention in this way.When asked about “how to treat the characters in the Secret Society to be recognized and loved by the audience”, Kim Ai replied: “In a conservative society like South Korea, this is a very happy thing.”Young debut-but painful, missed the fun of being a teenager. In 1983, Jin Ai, who was a model of clothing advertising, was still in the second year of high school. He officially debuted as an actor because he appeared in the movie” The First Day of Twenty Years “; 1986In the same year, she won the best new actor award for the KBS acting award for the Japanese and Japanese drama “Female Heart”. In the same year, she began to host the radio program “Famous Songs of FM, Kim’s Favorite”, which showed her talent as a host.The love of gold in girlhood.In the 1990s, Jin Ai loved successively in the TV series “How to Live a Woman” and “Basics of Love”, played an independent female character that broke through the tradition, and showed the unique character charm that was rare in film and television works at that time.In addition, the broadcast of TV programs such as “Sunday Enjoyment”, “Public Ballad Festival” and “Song Ballad Stage” has greatly increased her exposure, making her a popular idol with both beauty and popularity, and Cui Zhenzhen,Qian Renhe was tied for the most popular actress in Korea at the time.However, premature fame, seemingly star-studded, left painful memories for Jin Ai.At an age when he should have enjoyed campus life, Kim loved stepping into the acting circle in a confused way, and was replaced by work almost all of the time, which made her feel that life was boring, “I always feel light and flirty every day.I started to experience the adult world at a young age, injured, and betrayed. Although this is life, I was too young at that time. I felt like an alien. The younger generation envy me, but I am very tired., I feel that I am getting old without being able to experience the happiness I should have in my 20s . “Jin Ai admits that it is a” gray period “of” trial and error “,” I do n’t want to go back to the past again, but I ca n’t deny that,Those hard years made me now.”In a recent interview show, Kim Ai re-discovered that she even suffered from bipolar disorder during that time. Fortunately, she got married and gave birth to children and gradually relieved her symptoms.Selection criteria-It makes the audience feel that it is too boring to get acquainted. Perhaps it is the painful experience of young people. It makes Jin Ai more willing to break the routine and use his own strength to break through.In his 37 years of debut, he has performed 30 TV series and 9 movies. In a large environment where women ‘s stories are limited, many people of the same age can basically only play the role of “the wife of the protagonist” and the mother of the protagonist.When he was in the role, he was over 50 years old, and he still showed his charm as a heroine.The so-called play selection standard, Kim loves to admit the audience ‘s preferences, and she cares more about what she feels like. Although works such as Zhiyunxi can be of the same sex, but for her,It seemed that “a pearl touched in the mud” made her hard to resist.Kim Ai also said bluntly that he does not want to have something in common with the character, “I have to completely abandon myself, so that I can fully enter the character, and the audience will only forget who I am.Not long ago, Jin Ai was also included in the movie “Yi Yunxi” and nominated the best actress in the film category of the new Baixiang Art Awards.Recalling her past works, it seems that every performance of taboo love has made her very rewarding: the 2007 TV series “Husband’s Lover” won the highest award of the SBS acting award; in 2013, she won a hundred with “Wife’s Qualification”The Best Actress Award in the TV category of Art Awards; Starring “Yun Hee” in 2019 to challenge the lesbian role, the film was selected as the closing film of the Busan Film Festival; and this year’s “World of Couples” as a “bigThe work of the “hostess” has pushed her acting career to another peak.So far, the 2014 Korean drama “Mihui” starring Kim Ai and Liu Yaren is still regarded as a classic in the hearts of Chinese audiences.The play not only achieved Liu Yaren, but also attracted her a large number of loyal fans and won the nickname of “God’s Love”.In the play, the duo staged a taboo love that spanned age and class.Although the actual age of the two people is 20 years old, their passion collision can be described as sparks, breaking the established pattern of traditional “fast food” Korean dramas, replacing the stereotyped dog blood, and allowing a love that is not accepted by the world to successfully trigger the audience’s spiritual level.Vibes.The popular Korean drama “Mission” in 2014.After “The Secret Meeting”, Kim’s favorite roles have been extremely large: the mother who lost her daughter in “Elegant Lies”, the wife killed by her husband in “The Lost Night”, and the comfort women and grandma in “Her Story”A female entrepreneur looking for justice, a single mother in “Yun Hee”.Kim loved to admit that when choosing a script, he would avoid repeating similar roles because “it is too boring to make the audience feel like they have met”-this has always been the standard of her selection.The movie “Elegant Lies”, the movie “The Disappeared Night”, the movie “Her Story” confronts love-everything that is eternal, including love, does not exist and the love in “The Couple’s World” is not so beautiful, but it cannot be denied that Kim loves to performToo many love stories have been particularly touching.In “Yun Hee Hee”, with Otaru’s vast snowfield as the background, Kim Ai loves the same-sex fusion between Japanese junior Yuko Nakamura and the pure and healing romance.The fierce and dangerous year-old love in “The Secret Society” is even more difficult to extricate from “poisoning”.Talking about the understanding of love, Kim loves to say bluntly: “I think love changes, and white-headedness is always a destiny. Most people are difficult to do it, so I have to cover it with the love in movies and books. When I was young, I also fantasized.I have lived in love, but living to this age, I believe that neither love nor other eternal things exist.”With such a cold answer, it is difficult to imagine the love of Kim from the happy family.In real life, Jin Ai chose to step into the marriage hall when he was in full swing.In 1996, she met Li Canzhen through the introduction of her brother-in-law, and they decided to get married after their relationship was exposed for three months.Li Canzhen, who graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Seoul National University, developed Korea ‘s first Korean character input software in 1989. It is known as “Korea ‘s Bill Gates”. Although he has a good mind, he looks good, and his clothes are mediocre. He was not arrested at first.The heart that Kim loves.Kim loves her husband and two sons.Later, Li Canzhen taught “computer blindness” Jin to write computer mail.In the email exchange, the reply of Li Canzhen, the “man of engineering”, was very concise, but his wit and sharpness made Kim love gradually grow in favor, and the two quickly determined their love relationship.After marriage, Kim loved to give birth to two children one after another. In order to take care of the children, she suspended her acting career for seven years until she officially appeared in the Korean drama “Lovely Wife” in 2003.In the meantime, due to copyright issues in text copying, Li Canzhen’s company’s profits fell sharply. Later, he suffered a financial crisis in 1997. He was forced to leave the company cleanly, but with the full support of Jin Ai, Li Canzhen quickly made a comeback.Perhaps only through the difficulties together in marriage, and when everything is indifferent, can people have the opportunity to see the full picture of love, and have a more thorough understanding of love, and then they can speak coldly and perform vigorously like Jin Ai.-King loves a little luckily.-You can live a good show. In the play, emotions are always wide open, and Kim loves, but real life is quite satisfactory.When taking care of two sons, the habit of getting up at 4 or 5 every day has been maintained until now.What she enjoys the most every day is nothing but the happiness of “a glass of red wine”.When not filming, she likes to walk alone and find some delicious little shops in the neighborhood where she lives. “I like this feeling. In a hazy dusk, I finished my day ‘s work. I even walk on the road.I was a little excited. When I got home, turned on the music, prepared a dinner, watched a movie, and drank a glass of wine, I felt very happy.”In tvN’s famous variety show” Sisters of Flowers “, Jin Ai showed her extraordinary love for wine. She had just finished drinking a can of beer, and then asked everyone in the pizzeria if she could order a beer.She bluntly said that this is actually her normal behavior.It is said that the little wine is pleasant, and even in the show, Jin Ai will let yourself go as you please.In “Last Countdown Love” and “Couple’s World”, Jin Ai also has a number of drinking scenes. I wonder if she deliberately added a scene for herself.If the audience is allowed to vote for modifiers that describe Jin’s favorite, “elegance” must be among the best, but Jin’s favorite does not agree with him.Among her outstanding personalities are more straightforward and innocent, while “elegance” belongs only to those roles in the work.In real life, Jin loves and likes to naturally integrate into the crowd. She doesn’t like to wear sunglasses and hats, or even make up.She firmly believes that an actor who wants to perform a good show must be inseparable from the real life experience.She doesn’t like shopping for clothes, but she particularly likes shopping in supermarkets. She will prepare food for a week at a time, and carefully sort and store after returning home.Shopping and cleaning the room are all very healing things for her.”Actors are not just good at watching scripts. People always have to live a good life so that they can incorporate natural and full emotions into their performances.Although there are always many people around you, that’s not all of you. The actors are living people. If you live like a princess in real life, how can you interpret a real life?Although the stills of “Fantasy Sisters” advocates being free and easy, the love of Jin, who has been a wife and mother for many years, always has meticulous thoughts.In “Fantasy Sister”, she takes care of the leader’s brother Li Shengji who needs to arrange everything. She will take the initiative to provide help to the other party who is in a hurry, but it will not be directly displayed, avoid direct prompts, and avoid embarrassment.When the program was broadcast, Jin Ai’s concern and care for others even appeared on the hot search. Some viewers lamented that Jin Ai’s love for others has already been her habit, which makes people feel warm and reliable.Nowadays, he is over 50 years old and still loves Jin. He still has a very young mindset and can always give people a youthful feeling.She never resists anything new. She goes surfing in Hawaii and tries surfing. She likes to interact with fans on social networks. She is even a fan of BTS.Kim loves that new things always bring her a new experience, “This will make me change and stay awake at all times.”Author / Sona Sauna Night Editor Wu Dongni proofreading Zhao Lin