Measure the overall fortune in August

Measure the overall fortune in August

Good luck for 8 servings?

Is there anything to note?

The test will know: Translation: Xiaoming’s little white rabbit is missing, do you think it ran to: Northwestern old man’s home West younger sister’s home Souther sister’s home East’s uncle’s home Southeast’s aunt’s home Northeast’s home NortheastAn analysis of the results of the grandmother ‘s home in the southwest of his younger brother ‘s home: Choosing the old man ‘s house: Fortune and affection are prosperous. The boys are particularly happy, but this good luck does not seem to last long.

  Choosing a younger sister’s family: Fortune is still good, but it is hard work, and you must work hard; Poor relationship and poor luck may not be very pleasing to each other. In addition, you must be careful to conflict with people, especially with women 20 and 30 years old.

  Choosing a sister’s house: Things and feelings are going well. Women even have the opportunity to accept handsome guys’ confession. However, there may be a conflict at the beginning of the month, but it is not too serious.

  Picking Uncle’s House: The fortune is stable, there is not much ups and downs, the fortune and work are not bad, there will be noble people to help, women will have peach blossoms at the beginning of the month.

  Choosing an aunt’s house: The fortune is stable on the surface and there are no major ups and downs, but there are too many wrongs, so be careful at the end of the month to conflict with the director in charge.

  Choosing an elder brother’s home: Although there is noble person to help, but the overall performance is still not good, many things are just exhausting strength, although men have peach blossoms, they do not like it.

  Choosing a younger brother’s home: Occupation, fortune, and feelings are not smooth, and there is even danger of being shot at work. In addition, traffic safety must be careful, in short, everything is not as quiet as anything.

  Choosing a grandma’s home: It is easy to conflict with the chief at work, and many things have failed. However, “Dark Fortune” is not bad. You may wish to buy a lottery ticket to try your luck, and women are also prone to peach blossoms.