CNOOC Engineering (600583南京桑拿网): The boom of the offshore engineering industry in 2020 will keep warming This report reads: CNOOC’s capital expenditures will keep growing in 2020, and the industry’s prosperity continues to pick up. We expect the contracted amount of projects in the offshore engineering industry to increase further inContinue Reading

Keshida (002518) Dynamic Research: 5G and Cloud Computing Promote Data Center Demand for Energy Storage Key points of investment: The boom in 5G and cloud computing drives the construction of data centers, which directly benefits the 杭州桑拿 company.5G technology will bring an explosion of data.Faster, denser data flows will driveContinue Reading

Yuyuan Garden (600655): Jewellery and fashion sector boosts performance, acquisitions and acquisitions of Ruyi accelerate the layout of the cultural and catering industry chain Investment highlights: The company issued a semi-annual performance pre-announcement announcement. The performance growth rate was in line with expectations, and the profitability of the jewelry andContinue Reading

Green Power (601330): Overhaul spending and amortization increase short-term disturbances to replace the base and affect the return to high growth in the second half of the year The main points of the report describe the company’s 2019 H1 revenue of 800 million, exceeding the value-added 54.1%, net profit attributableContinue Reading

Baotai (600456) Interim Review: Titanium Industry Shows Recovery Trend, Company Performance Slightly Exceeds Expectations Event: On August 20, the company announced its 2019 Interim Report. Key points of investment: Revenue growth remains high, and profit slightly exceeds expectations. In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income19. 65Continue Reading