Revitalize + lock in water to renew vitality Only moist, translucent skin is healthy, but the skin of many people is in a “sub-healthy” or even “ill” state. Today I will teach you a two-pronged approach, lock in water and revitalize your skin, let your skin rejuvenate, and be aContinue Reading

Massage of various parts of the head First, rub your face. Knead your hands and put them on your face, and rub them 30 times from bottom to top. In ancient times, it was called “Skin Rejuvenation”, which can make the skin wrinkle and gloss.   Second, comb and clap yourContinue Reading

Yoga Weight Loss Exercise For Five Minutes Function: It is a simple action to relieve stress and reduce back pain. It is similar to the baby style of yoga. The body is completely relaxed, the hips are pressed against the thighs, and both hands are stretched forward to drive theContinue Reading

_1 Perfect care step to achieve brightening dream Covering three ugliness with one white, white skin requires unremitting efforts! Cleansing, skin care, mask, essence, an indispensable whitening partner, make bare skin more beautiful and moving! . hzh {display: none; }  1.Cleaning Daily cleaning work is carried out every day. Whitening andContinue Reading

Let’s take away the mosquito repellent trick Summer is here, everyone can go swimming and eat ice cream. But it also brought us hot weather and mosquito bites. Today, I will tell you how to effectively repel mosquitoes.   First of all, knowing oneself is invincible. Although mosquito bites are veryContinue Reading

AQSIQ checks fake milk powder Facing the problems in the domestic milk powder market, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued an urgent notice on Saturday to take compulsory measures to combat counterfeit infant formula. For those who have been counterfeited, the relevant departments will revoke theirContinue Reading

30 essential skincare products for women This cleansing milk is a mild cleanser specially developed for dry and sensitive skin. Pure natural plants and fermented grains can strengthen the skin protection layer, and the wound grass essence can calm and moisturize your skin.Feels comfortable and smooth.   I am afraid thatContinue Reading

Three major fitness micro-exercises Office workers are sedentary every day, and under great pressure, how can they maintain a healthy physiology and figure? Xiao Bian taught everyone to learn the three major micro-workers of white-collar workers, weight loss and health.   First, “small movements” stretch the muscles and bones to faceContinue Reading

What are the benefits of outdoor fitness Outdoor fitness refers to fitness outside the room, so what is outdoor fitness? What good is it?   Fitness in the gym, outdoor fitness is better, and the benefits are more, the following editor will tell you in detail.   Water sports and nautical classContinue Reading