Yoga helps you clear holiday syndrome The first group ● Shoulder and Ankle Energy Recovery: For those who play games against the computer and surf the Internet, use the cow-face method: sit on your knees with your knees on your feet and your body straight. One arm is up andContinue Reading

Shenzhen supplements about 500 children with autism each year April 2 is the eighth World Autism Concern Day, and this year’s theme is “Occupation: Autism Advantage.” This reporter learned that there are currently more than 10,000 children with autism in Shenzhen, and the incidence of autism is increasing year byContinue Reading

The mind of an extramarital affair victim In the afternoon, I finally waited for Ms. Hua Bi in Wuchang for about 3 days. Yellow coat, gray check skirt, light yellow shawl with long hair, people who are almost 40 years old look less than 30 years old. She jumped offContinue Reading

Learn head and face massage to improve sleep quality From the point of view of Chinese medicine, people who often suffer from insomnia belong to a state of imbalance between yin and yang. Acupoints can be used to clear the meridians and regulate yin and yang during head and faceContinue Reading

Brain structure causes teen rebellion American researchers selected 137 early adolescent children as their brain structures and recorded their brain activity during conflicts with their parents.   University of Melbourne researcher Nicholas? Allen was the head of the study. “We found that children’s brain mass and brain structure are closely relatedContinue Reading

Cause your vision to drop Too “sex blessing”? Cause your vision to drop The more frequently you have sex, the more severe your eye discomfort and the longer it lasts.   People with experience in sexual life probably have this experience. After each intercourse, there will be different degrees of orbitalContinue Reading

How many women will your masculinity attract? Singer Xin Xiaoqi once conquered hundreds of millions of listeners with a song “Taste”. “Taste” shows the psychological feeling of a young woman who misses the lover’s body taste. This shows that, just as women have femininity, men have a masculine character thatContinue Reading

How to practice qigong in peptic ulcer Peptic ulcer mainly refers to chronic ulcers that occur in the gastroduodenum. The formation of these ulcers is related to the digestion of gastric acid and pepsin, so it is called peptic ulcer.   Peptic ulcers are common, and the incidence of this diseaseContinue Reading