How do elderly people need mental health care? When people reach old age, their physiological functions begin to decline, and their vision, hearing loss, memory loss, and slow movements occur. These physiological changes often lead to pessimistic disappointment of the elderly, fear of anxiety, lack of energy, low interest inContinue Reading

Weight loss, powerless prevention of polymyositis Wu recently discovered that the body is much thinner than before, thin and weak, and obviously feels pain in the thighs and upper arm muscles. He thinks that it may be lack of nutrition, so he constantly improves, and the condition is still worseningContinue Reading

Elderly people prevent osteoporosis from diet At the secret of his longevity, the 113-year-old Japanese old man Tian Youyou of the world’s longest-lived person said that in order to live longer, first, life should be regular, and second, drink milk regularly, without touching alcohol and tobacco.   Older ages increase, organContinue Reading

How should the elderly care when they have a fever? How should the elderly care when they have a fever? Let’s learn together!   Human body temperature is controlled by the thermoregulatory center in the brain. Older people have lower immunity due to decreased immune function, and they are more likelyContinue Reading