The benefits of scraping Scraping is a very common method of TCM maintenance. Many people use scraping to remove moisture from their bodies. Drive off the cold. In addition, there are some benefits to scraping? Today we will study the benefits of scraping. As well as the disadvantages of scraping,Continue Reading

Modified Buyang Huanwu Decoction to prevent infrasound damage In the military’s “Tenth Five-Year Plan” directive, a study jointly completed by the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Xijing Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University proves that JiaweiContinue Reading

_1 Perfect care step to achieve brightening dream Covering three ugliness with one white, white skin requires unremitting efforts! Cleansing, skin care, mask, essence, an indispensable whitening partner, make bare skin more beautiful and moving! . hzh {display: none; }  1.Cleaning Daily cleaning work is carried out every day. Whitening andContinue Reading

Texting with a long bent neck “SMS neck disease” is spreading Core reminder: According to a report from British Sky Television on October 7, a disease called “text neck” has recently appeared. This disease is caused by people using tools such as smartphones, tablets or bending their necks to sendContinue Reading

Is barefoot running healthier? Core tip: Scientists conduct a series of data analysis. They found that even on hard ground, the impact force of barefoot runners and the ground is still a little, so the impact force on their feet is smaller than those who wear shoes and are usedContinue Reading

Cause your vision to drop Too “sex blessing”? Cause your vision to drop The more frequently you have sex, the more severe your eye discomfort and the longer it lasts.   People with experience in sexual life probably have this experience. After each intercourse, there will be different degrees of orbitalContinue Reading

Conditions for the development of neonatal scleredema Neonatal scleredema is mainly caused by cold, premature birth, infection, asphyxia and hypoxia, and often occurs in the cold season. However, if it is caused by factors such as premature birth or infection, it can also be seen in summer. What are theContinue Reading

Do you wash your pajamas at least once a week? A new British poll found that the habit of modern people cleaning pajamas is not so scientific. Men wear only two weeks of pajamas to wash once, while women wear them for 17 days. Health experts warn that wearing pajamasContinue Reading

How to drink soy milk is delicious and anti-aging? The effect of plant protein on the health and beauty of modern people is very obvious. It not only supplements the body’s protein, but also prevents many diseases, some cancers, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Eating 25 grams of soy protein daily canContinue Reading