Hua Hong Technology (002645) Dynamic Research: Leading Automotive Disassembly Equipment Benefits Industry Policy Dividends Investment Highlights: The scrapped car industry has ushered in a policy transformation. The New Deal has only two bright spots. On January 30, 2019, the State Council’s executive meeting adopted the “Administrative Measures for Scrap InterimContinue Reading

Half of the 26 A-share listed banks broke the net Every reporter, Zhang Ye, every editor, Wang Keran, many listed banks are enduring the pain of “breaking the net.”   According to Choice data, as of the close of May 28, 13 of the 26 A-share listed banks had closing pricesContinue Reading

Chuantou Energy (600674): Delay in Yalong River’s investment income delays performance and there is still room for future growth Event Sichuan Investment Energy released the third quarter of 2019 report Sichuan Investment Energy released the third quarter of 2019 report, the company achieved operating income in the first three quartersContinue Reading

CNOOC Engineering (600583南京桑拿网): The boom of the offshore engineering industry in 2020 will keep warming This report reads: CNOOC’s capital expenditures will keep growing in 2020, and the industry’s prosperity continues to pick up. We expect the contracted amount of projects in the offshore engineering industry to increase further inContinue Reading

Baotai (600456) Interim Review: Titanium Industry Shows Recovery Trend, Company Performance Slightly Exceeds Expectations Event: On August 20, the company announced its 2019 Interim Report. Key points of investment: Revenue growth remains high, and profit slightly exceeds expectations. In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income19. 65Continue Reading

The best sport: jogging Why are so many people who like to jog? Because jogging is good for your physical health, you can keep your body in top shape at all times.   Absolutely, European and American countries are pushing hard to promote running, and this trend is slowly blowing toContinue Reading

30 essential skincare products for women This cleansing milk is a mild cleanser specially developed for dry and sensitive skin. Pure natural plants and fermented grains can strengthen the skin protection layer, and the wound grass essence can calm and moisturize your skin.Feels comfortable and smooth.   I am afraid thatContinue Reading

Great cold needs to pay attention to misunderstanding In winter, there are many habits that impede healthy living, often mistaken by some people as correct. The great cold is the coldest time in winter, so pay more attention to your life to ensure your health.   Wearing a mask to preventContinue Reading