Care for your teeth to prevent gum atrophy To keep your teeth in a healthy state, please wash your teeth twice a year and ask your dentist to conduct a comprehensive inspection to keep your teeth away from tar and lysing bacteria, so that your gums are strong and flexibleContinue Reading

Yoga Weight Loss Exercise For Five Minutes Function: It is a simple action to relieve stress and reduce back pain. It is similar to the baby style of yoga. The body is completely relaxed, the hips are pressed against the thighs, and both hands are stretched forward to drive theContinue Reading

Common dietary prescriptions for pediatric cough Cough is a reflex defense function caused by the irritation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which has an important role in preventing foreign body absorption and clearing respiratory secretions. There are two types of cough: one type is cough with sputum,Continue Reading

Yoga helps you clear holiday syndrome The first group ● Shoulder and Ankle Energy Recovery: For those who play games against the computer and surf the Internet, use the cow-face method: sit on your knees with your knees on your feet and your body straight. One arm is up andContinue Reading

Elderly depression is heavily guarded Some elderly people are depressed, worried all day long, accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, insomnia, etc., lose confidence in life, have no interest in anything, and even have the idea of suicide. This happens mainly because of suffering from senile depression. The causesContinue Reading

How to increase fat by thin people How to increase fat, is determined to “persist”.   Be sure to eat breakfast before you can go out! Would rather sleep less for a while, remember!   5:50 get up 6:10 breakfast one (porridge, it is best to warm the stomach, eat full, doContinue Reading