Autumn Living and Mental Health The first autumn is the thirteenth solar term among the 24 solar terms. It is the first autumn when the sun reaches the 135 ° of the Longitude on August 7 or 8. “A Collection of Seventy-two Months of the Moon Order”: “July Festival, seeContinue Reading

Six scourges to kill pores Ever noticed the double skin of the nose? The pores on this skin are gradually getting older. Many people feel that they are not oily skin. Why do pores become larger? In fact, the pore problem is not just caused by excessive secretion of oil.Continue Reading

Shenzhen supplements about 500 children with autism each year April 2 is the eighth World Autism Concern Day, and this year’s theme is “Occupation: Autism Advantage.” This reporter learned that there are currently more than 10,000 children with autism in Shenzhen, and the incidence of autism is increasing year byContinue Reading

Let you eat “Yang Guifei” from “Pipe Bone” There are some skinny women who want to have a tempting curve and a good rhyme, but how do you eat to achieve the desired result? May wish to refer to this menu and change the application yourself. But remember, the rateContinue Reading

What are the characteristics of bladder adenocarcinoma? Bladder cancer is the most common in bladder tumors, of which more than 86% shift to epithelial cells, while terminally differentiated carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma are rare. In addition to transitional epithelial cell carcinoma, other types of malignant tumors also haveContinue Reading

Elderly people prevent osteoporosis from diet At the secret of his longevity, the 113-year-old Japanese old man Tian Youyou of the world’s longest-lived person said that in order to live longer, first, life should be regular, and second, drink milk regularly, without touching alcohol and tobacco.   Older ages increase, organContinue Reading