Leg fitness tips are so thin that you laugh Squat Squat is a common name for prognosis squat. It refers to a basic movement of the barbell on the back of the neck for leg exercises.   Neck bar on the back of the neck, chest lift, head up, tight waist,Continue Reading

Be healthy and lose weight to your liver “Too much excess meat on the body affects aesthetics. If there is more aunt on the liver, it will cause problems. “Reporters often heard such warnings from doctors during interviews.” The consequences of mild liver are very serious, which not only causesContinue Reading

Let’s take away the mosquito repellent trick Summer is here, everyone can go swimming and eat ice cream. But it also brought us hot weather and mosquito bites. Today, I will tell you how to effectively repel mosquitoes.   First of all, knowing oneself is invincible. Although mosquito bites are veryContinue Reading

Recommend the “five best” diet for the elderly Which are the best summer diets for the elderly? According to an interview with reporters, the nutrition experts of Nanjing Health Supervision Institute said that vinegar, duck, bitter gourd, tomato soup and vitamin E are the best diets in their respective fields.Continue Reading

How do elderly people need mental health care? When people reach old age, their physiological functions begin to decline, and their vision, hearing loss, memory loss, and slow movements occur. These physiological changes often lead to pessimistic disappointment of the elderly, fear of anxiety, lack of energy, low interest inContinue Reading