Emollient oils can reduce deaths in preterm infants A study published in the latest issue of the British “Pediatrics” monthly report said that applying sunflower oil or emollient oil to the skin of premature babies in hospitals could reduce their mortality.   Emollient oils can reduce the number of deaths inContinue Reading

AQSIQ checks fake milk powder Facing the problems in the domestic milk powder market, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued an urgent notice on Saturday to take compulsory measures to combat counterfeit infant formula. For those who have been counterfeited, the relevant departments will revoke theirContinue Reading

Eight wrong ways pores suddenly become bigger The good skin that has always been proud of has a little bit of obvious pores! Do you know the reason for the enlarged pores? !First ask if your own maintenance is ok? In fact, the wrong beauty method is the main causeContinue Reading