The key to aerobics to lose weight Guide: When women do aerobics, they often hear such advice in action, sufficient time, practice at least 4 times a week, pay attention to adjust the diet, you will definitely get a good weight loss effect.   However, many people follow this step andContinue Reading

Measure the overall fortune in August Good luck for 8 servings? Is there anything to note? The test will know: Translation: Xiaoming’s little white rabbit is missing, do you think it ran to: Northwestern old man’s home West younger sister’s home Souther sister’s home East’s uncle’s home Southeast’s aunt’s homeContinue Reading

White-collar fitness: 5 tips for fun office fitness The tired and tired white-collar workers often feel that they do n’t have time to participate in regular exercise day and night. I recommend 5 fun and effective office fitness methods: empty chair squats, wheelchair bench sit-down fitnessBusiness flight, V-shape exercise andContinue Reading

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Top Ten Taboos for Good Sleep There are a few taboos you should pay attention to in preparation for sleep, posture and habits. Avoid eating before bedtime: after a person enters sleep, the activity rhythm of some parts of the body slows down and enters a state of rest. IfContinue Reading

The mind of an extramarital affair victim In the afternoon, I finally waited for Ms. Hua Bi in Wuchang for about 3 days. Yellow coat, gray check skirt, light yellow shawl with long hair, people who are almost 40 years old look less than 30 years old. She jumped offContinue Reading

_1 Take a walk early to take a rest The East is white, the sky is already dawning, and the sparrows are still sleeping. The cats are still asleep, not to be shocked by the family, to disturb the neighborhood, quietly start, and walk slowly. Pushing the door and openingContinue Reading

How should the elderly care when they have a fever? How should the elderly care when they have a fever? Let’s learn together!   Human body temperature is controlled by the thermoregulatory center in the brain. Older people have lower immunity due to decreased immune function, and they are more likelyContinue Reading