Yunda shares (002120) 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report comments: 19Q1 deduction non-growth 38% performance exceeded expectations The company’s cost continued to lead, the decline continued to be “recommended” The company announced the 2018 annual report and the first quarter report of 19: 1) The company achieved revenueContinue Reading

Yunhai Metal (002182) Company In-Depth Report: Lightweight Automotive Helps the Company to Grow Baosteel’s Shares, Opening a New Chapter The leader of the magnesium industry, the entire industrial chain layout + alloy technology barriers consolidate the leading position: The company is the leader of the domestic magnesium industry, with aContinue Reading

Fuanna (002327): Offline adjustment drags down performance in the fourth quarter of the peak season trying to stabilize the recovery Key investment points: Strengthening channel inventory cleaning affects the company’s performance. Net profit for the first three quarters of 19 decreased by 15%, which was slightly lower than expected.   1)Continue Reading

Strawberries are delicious and delicious Strawberries are the inevitable result of an expanded torus. The flesh is tender and juicy, sweet and sour, and has a special flavor. It is especially suitable for the elderly, children and frail people. The strawberry fruit is developed from a torus and is aContinue Reading

Three major fitness micro-exercises Office workers are sedentary every day, and under great pressure, how can they maintain a healthy physiology and figure? Xiao Bian taught everyone to learn the three major micro-workers of white-collar workers, weight loss and health.   First, “small movements” stretch the muscles and bones to faceContinue Reading

Diet food for fat man with seaweed An important factor leading to elevated blood pressure in humans is the imbalance of trace elements sodium and potassium in the body. Because of eating salt, people eat some sodium every day, but not necessarily enough potassium.   Therefore, many people, especially those withContinue Reading