New rules for refinancing favor GEM: Institutions’ attention to stocks in advance is also coming Refinancing “unbundling”, small and medium-cap technology stocks broke out! Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the opening column of the Trading Day Financial Morning Post.  Source: 21 Data News Lab. Original title:Continue Reading

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986) Interim Report Comments: Q2 Performance Exceeds Expected Storage Cycle Bottoms Future Growth Expected Q2 performance exceeded expectations, and the storage cycle is expected to bottom out. Maintaining the “strong recommendation” rating company released its 2019 Interim Report: H1 in 2019 to achieve operating income12. 2 billion (+8.Continue Reading

Hua Hong Technology (002645) Dynamic Research: Leading Automotive Disassembly Equipment Benefits Industry Policy Dividends Investment Highlights: The scrapped car industry has ushered in a policy transformation. The New Deal has only two bright spots. On January 30, 2019, the State Council’s executive meeting adopted the “Administrative Measures for Scrap InterimContinue Reading

Boss Electric (002508): Expecting completion, Q3 operation expected to improve Event: Boss Electric announced the 2019 Interim Report.The company achieved revenue of 35 in 2019H1.30,000 yuan, +0 year-on-year.9%; performance 6.70,000 yuan, +1.5%.Converted to a single quarter of 2019Q2 to achieve revenue 18.700 million, YoY-2.0%; performance 3.500 million, YoY-2.1%.Excluding the impactContinue Reading

BTG Hotel (600258) Review of 2019 Third Quarterly Report: Non-deductible net profit increased by 3.75% in line with expectations, many hotels directly closed, many shops dragged down revenue Highlights of the report The event describes the company’s third quarter report for 2019: reporting and realizing operating income62.31 ppm, -2 perContinue Reading