Elderly depression is heavily guarded Some elderly people are depressed, worried all day long, accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, insomnia, etc., lose confidence in life, have no interest in anything, and even have the idea of suicide. This happens mainly because of suffering from senile depression. The causesContinue Reading

The Lakers reversed the Warriors, and James can safely play basketball this time. Happy! The Lakers reversed the Warriors, and James can safely play basketball this time. On October 13th, Beijing time, the Lakers and the Warriors once again met in the preseason. Probably because of the loss to theContinue Reading

How to control your anger in the workplace? Shouting at the boss? Resentful to colleagues? Is your phone on your computer monitor? If you are always in this state, you may have to go to the anger management class. The anger management class has become an antidote to all kindsContinue Reading

What are the characteristics of bladder adenocarcinoma? Bladder cancer is the most common in bladder tumors, of which more than 86% shift to epithelial cells, while terminally differentiated carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma are rare. In addition to transitional epithelial cell carcinoma, other types of malignant tumors also haveContinue Reading

Do you wash your pajamas at least once a week? A new British poll found that the habit of modern people cleaning pajamas is not so scientific. Men wear only two weeks of pajamas to wash once, while women wear them for 17 days. Health experts warn that wearing pajamasContinue Reading

Autumn detox best yoga action Practicing yoga is both slimming and detox! Autumn detox best yoga action Autumn detoxification slimming yoga action teaching half-month body stand straight, then pay attention to breathing, and then squeeze the two arms up. The fingers are clenched tightly, the index fingers are straightened andContinue Reading